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At Mammoth, we've discovered the secret to great sleep: it's medical grade foam. Every inch of our mattresses is the product of rigorous research and cutting edge science. That's why you get unrivalled comfort and the best night's sleep you've ever had when you upgrade to a Mammoth.

Revolutionising sleep quality

Revolutionising sleep quality

Mammoth's mattresses have been clinically proven to enhance sleep at Northumbria University's world-renowned Centre for Sleep Research, led by the UK's leading sleep expert, Professor Jason Ellis. The combination of innovation, technology, superior materials and attention to detail makes Mammoth the most comfortable and luxurious mattress on the market today.

Society's understanding of the important role sleep plays in our health and wellbeing is growing all the time. So, it's no surprise that more and more people are deciding to upgrade their memory foam mattresses and traditional pocket-sprung mattresses to our unique High Specification Medical Grade Foamâ„¢ mattresses.

medical grade foamâ„¢ mattress

The home of the original medical grade foamâ„¢ mattress

Born out of the need to find a solution to an uncomfortable night's sleep following a rugby injury, Mammoth's founder John Tuton used his background in the medical sector to find the answer – High Specification Medical Grade Foam™.

Researched and developed in partnership with the Chiropractic Patients' Association, our award-winning Medical Grade Foam mattresses are now leading the way in comfort, delivering an astonishing list of benefits in doing so.

Trusted by elite athletes

Trusted by elite athletes

The science behind Mammoth has led the likes of the Rugby Players' Association and the Professional Football Association to endorse our award-winning mattresses.

In fact, we supply some of the UK's biggest sports and fitness stars with mattresses. Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester Tigers and both Olympians and Paralympians trust us with their health.